Where the SKILLED ones at?

Alright, I'm going to start out with saying I am not the best in the world, on this forum, on xbox, blah blah blah. But I will say that I am skilled, and that the love of this game is slowly dying for me. I have been constantly running into people who don't know what they are doing. Yes, I know there is nothing I can do to fix this, but I mean if you have the game, I'd hope that you'd have a basic knowledge of how MTG works. I'll admit, I'm not a legendary player, infact I only started playing this when DotP came to XBLA, but since then I've grown into this. Obviously I know there are other cards and decks and rules out there, so in most eyes, I wouldn't be so skilled. Well, obviously those rules, cards, etc. don't exist in this game, so they are insignificant. I'm good at THIS game. So don't try to bash me about IRL cards and all that other crap, cause it will be ignored. Don't have time to be strolling to a local comic store, whipping out some holographic cardboard ive invested in, when I can chill at my house and have just as much of a challenge and fun with a digital version. So with all that said, who is a skilled player, who can give me some interest again in the game, and not only challenge me, TEACH me as well, considering that I learn a lot from being kicked in the face after a few games. I don't need a tutor, I know the game, but I what I do need is a good opponent who i can work strats against, test wits, and learn from one another. So where you at? 


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Your problem is that the incredibly intelligent game developers never bothered to write into the system a duel matching program that matches people close in rank first. The geniuses decided that competition isn't really important so why bother actually winning and working on your rank under the assumption that you might start playing better skilled players. I've been high ranked since the game was released and I am constantly playing people with 77 card foil decks ranked in the 20,000's. But that's how the brilliant game developers, who all must have finished top of their class at M.I.T., want the game to go. Man, I wish I was smart enough to make a competition based game that in no way rewards winning in any discernible fashion. If I was, I might be a game designer for MTG.

add me i can help you solve that problem, i too have trouble finding skilled players to play with