Where should I pre-order BF3 in Europe?

I'm looking for the best price/additional content ratio.

Please advice?

Which bundle includes bettter and more content?



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just go to your local game/dvd shop.

I preordered on bol.com.. But that is a Dutch, belgium site. I dont think you an preorder there... but you can always check it out.

In germany they have Gamestops aswell.

Thanks. But my question was more about the additional content you're getting.

For instance - amazon.co.uk is offering: Amazon.co.uk exclusive Specact Kit pre-order bonus

I'm wondering what is it and is it worth +4 pounds (comparing to shopto.net price without specact kit).

Somewhere else I've noticed some weapon kits included and dogtags.

But maybe those things are not worth ordering as you will be able to unlock those things by normally playing and leveling up?

Australians get to go paint balling for free apparently when they preorder at Game!Not really in Europe though,our lass got mine at Amazon,LE version,I'm not 100% if its Physical Warefare or not,I'm sure she said it is but she is a woman so not sure.

There are 3 pre order bonuses. Specat kit, "exclusive" dog tags and the physical warfare pack.

If I were you, go for the Specat kit. the physical warfare pack will be available for free at a later date in the year. I don't know about the others but if they were, they'll probably charge for them.



Specact Kit doesn't include achievements. All I can find is "This kit includes a set of 8 multiplayer skins". Seems it's better to buy a version with just Back To Karkand.


BC2 Specact Kit had achievements... I'm surprised that BF3 - doesn't.

All pre order versions have the Karkand DLC

I personally think that the Physical Warfare Pack or Specat kit would be the most useful...

Dog Tags is just personalisation, so basically useless as well, apart from "Oooo look at me and my 1337 dog tags" every time you kill someone and they see your tags.

Specat kit is just skins...  so unless the soldier uniform helps with blending into the environment it is just skins...

Now Physical Warfare, you get unlocked weapons from day 1.  Shotgun with fletchet ammo, sniper rifle suppressor and Type 88 LMG... 


I think having more weapons from day 1 more useful than having a similar weapon with a different skin. (that is, unless the specat kit has weapons that are unlocked later in the game, available now - in this case, this is probably better, as in BC2, where there are some pretty awesome weapons with the specat kit [UMP SA, M95 SA, M16 SA.)

In UK, from GAME, I am getting the physical warfare pack I believe...  We don't have much choice in the matter...