Where O where?

I had several NF1 tumors removed Monday. I will be off for a bit. Just wondering where I should start in my back log? Fallout3 n Nv Gow3 Bayonetta Fable2 borderlands2 Skyrim RDR all AC2- current Walking dead Halo3 Crysis2 Dishonered Same for PS3 but GOW3 Silent hill coll thanks.

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Any sort of surgery will likely leave you tired for a while so maybe something that you can pick up and put down easily that doesn't require huge amounts of concentration.

Hope you recover soon.

Easiest one of those to pick up and play is probably Halo 3 or The Walking Dead.

Walking Dead would be the best start. Alot easier to play and very little reaction timed gameplay. Also loads of entertainment without the usual stress of twitch shooters.

Skyrim, RDR, Gears of War 3, AC2

thanks.  the surgery is routine by now this was my 10th in 12 years. We broke  350 removed Pain meds i have been on forever.  For once i have time and looked at all the backlogged games i have.  Hard to decide what to play if i can put that stupid bo2 down.  i suck but have fun.  maybe ill get to the ME Trilogy.  Thanks and God bless.

Borderlands 2

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