Where is the Secret Code to unlock Wipeout in the Zone Avatar Awards

The question is really simple. Where is the secret code and how to you redeem it to unlock the Avatar Awards for Wipeout in the Zone? I'm only renting the game so I don't know if anything is listed in the game's manual. There does not appear to be any place to redeem a secret code from within the game let alone any mention of what the secret code might be.


Activision's support is NOT helpful as they followed up with instructions on how to redeem a Marketplace DLC code from within the Xbox 360 Dashboard. Which I do not believe is used to unlock these Avatar Awards aside from the fact that they didn't provide a code or any information on where I'd find it.


Typically Avatar Awards are unlocked by some in game action such as unlocking an Achievement but there are no Achievements related to Secret code(s) and nothing that I can see that would relate to a secret code from having played the game. At the time of this post I just completed all the EASY Missions. Nobody else on any of the FAQ boards or through any Search Engine listings seem to have an answer, just listing what the Avatar Awards are and the basic description of how they are unlocked as seen from within the Avatar Awards listing on your Xbox 360.


Does anyone who bought the game have any information on what is required to get the Secret Code and where you would even redeem it? Is there any mention of a Secret Code in the instruction guide included with the game?


Thanks in advance.


Avatar Awards listing:



Wipeout Life Jacket (Male / Female)
Enter the secret code to unlock this item.


Wipeout Safety Helmet
Enter the secret code to unlock this item.



Achievements: http://www.xbox360achievements.org/game/wipeout-in-the-zone/achievements/


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The code is most likely something you unlock while playing the game. I doubt it's a redeemable code...

Wipeout Safety Helmet on the Start Menu use your controller D-Pad to enter the following:


Once the code is known for the Jacket I will be sure to have it up :)

where are you supposed to type the code

The code is a series of button and D-pad presses.  You do them while you are looking at the Start Menu.