Where is the "Ripper" ?

Hey all

So I downloaded Devastation overnight, I have restarted my system twice but I can not find the "Ripper" gun anywhere ?!?!?


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I think the Ripper weapon was DLC with Onslaught and not Devestation. It is in the weapons, like AR or SMG, but you cant use it unless you have that DLC.

The Ripper is the new weapon with the Devastation DLC.


Onslaught has the Maverick Assault Rifle & Sniper Rifle which I already have with that DLC.

And of course you can't use them without the DLC, unless you steal it from someone else.
I have BOTH those DLC and I know it should be in the weapons but it is not.

So again, does anyone know where this weapon "RIPPER" is supposed to be or did they screw up the DLC ?

It was DLC with Devastation, although season pass holder have had access since the announcement of Devastation.

OP: The ripper is under the SMG class and it should be at the top of the list

do i need gold to use the ripper can't find it in local play?

Yep, I looked 20 times through each section, NADDA, ZIP, ZILCH, nowhere to be found!!

Not a happy camper!!!

I have 3, 360's in my house and I only bought it for one but was planning on buying it for the other two

but now I am not sure if their DLC is jacked up and not giving you everything your supposed to get!!

There was a limited run of 2 million Rippers, looks like everyone put a ripper on every squad member they got and the quota ran out.


Its there in both MP and Squads


did ya do all the game updates? was 255meg one then a 350 some kb compatibility update

Yep, every game update that pops up when connecting and just starting the game.

Quota ?

Limited run ?


It's not like it is a physical real gun, it is a piece of code!!


It is advertised as coming with the Devastation DLC and is a gun so it better come with every one PAID FOR!!

It still to this minute, still has it listed as included in the DLC in the COD: Ghosts store in the game.

Yea of course it  comes with the DLC, something is goofed on your Xbox, they didn't rob you.


Well it is the only thing that has ever goofed!!

I know they changed the layout of the COD: Ghosts store in the game with the last update as it also added the new DLC the night it came out.

I will see if I re-download it if that fixes it but the last DLC I downloaded when I restarted the system the Maverick Assault Rifle & Sniper Rifle popped right up.

It just seems funny that the gun is the only thing missing as I have already played the new maps and played as the Predator but no new gun.......

Well they didn't remove it form the DLC just to screw with you...... think smaller, something goofed during install, maybe deep system delete some old junk, so reinstall ends up in a new place on HD

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