Where is the Neon Armor Skin?

Does anyone know which marketplace pack it's in? I assumed the total collection but since then I've heard its not in there but inside the pack thats 30 dollars less?


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It was up as a "stand alone" purchase early yesterday morning, and is now gone?  I thought I read someplace that it was part of a promotion (free skin if you do....), so maybe that is why it was removed?  I would like to buy it as well if anyone has an answer.

Buy a big bag of Oberto's Beef Jerky at Wal-Mart and get it and Jungle Tai

Thanks!  I've tried everywhere in Springfield, Ohio and can't even find Oberto's Jerky (Walmart, Grocery Stores, Gas Stations, Target, Meijer, etc.).  Oh well, thanks so much though!

People are reporting that it is in the Epic Armor Skin Pack on accident, might try that if you are willing to spend 2800 MSP ($35)



someone said it is up on the Marketplace now for 320 MSP

It's up, thanks so much!