Where is the Mutant Bash TV ?


Ive heard people talking about this alot. But I have not come across it yet... where is it?

thank you


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The BIG clown face

It's part of the main mission, you will go there at some point...

FYI...load up on ammo before you go. I didn't and it was tough, for me anyway.

Yep, you'll get a mission to get a sponsor for a race and then just follow GPS directions. Make sure to get some ammo before heading out. Good luck.

As you exit Wellspring take the left hand fork, get on the raised highway.  You will see the big clown face on your left.  Soon after that you can exit the highway.  As the ramp curves around it puts you right in front of Mutant Bash TV.  As the others said you also have this for one of your main missions.  I used a shotgun and the handgun with fatboy rounds.

I didn't know there was an achievement for getting a certain amount of money in this, since I just scanned over them today, so I'm going back to do it again...this time with more shells.  I already made that mistake

Is there a way too pull up a map with locations? I wanna return but end up getting lost....

Mysterious Rage - As far as I know there are no marked locations for the map.  Starting out from Wellspring, take the left fork then get on the raised highway and take the first exit you come to.  When you exit the highway you're facing away from Mutant Bash TV so just turn your vehicle around and it is right there.  To return to Wellspring you can simply reverse your course.