Where is the GTA V Online stimulus $500,000 pack ?

Anybody know ? I'm qualified and the announcement on rockstars site is dated the 11 th I can't see anything on the site except that announcement

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It's being distributed in two packs of $250,000. The first pack is estimated to arrive next week but a date has yet to be determined.


Just be patient. It'll come. I am surprised they are giving it to us to begin with.

The announcement says by the 19 th or 20 th from the date the announcement was made, delayed

It'll come. Just wait.

I know it will and Rockstar has been releasing the patches on time, that's why I'm surprised their late with the pack, I think it should be a lot more than half a million, tons of people had earned well over that and invested days worth or play time when their character was gone, I think a million is better and that doesn't begin to cover what tons of people had, Rockstar knew about the issues over a week before the online launched, instead of a delay to fix the issues before gamers wasted days of play time to start again, they launched the online anyway

GTA V is the best game I've ever played, campaign and online, I'm happy the online is fixed but half a million doesn't cover the time and earnings most people achieved, however half a million is better than no compensation

Neo, I had friends that lost their characters. Some of them had even paid for cash cards at the start only to be robbed by Rockstar but those people are grateful to be receiving something to bolster their bank accounts. Half of a million dollars is something to be grateful for, especially when you take into account that the payouts from missions have been downgraded fiercely. However, them holding back on the heists & content creator is beginning to rile me up. I cannot wait to see if cash packs are back up and running before the content is released, that'll give me the confirmation I need to know that Rockstar are nothing more than money grabbing, greedy little sods haha! What company isn't nowadays though? Capitalism rules the world!