Where is the Adam going?

Played through BS2 again the other day and was thinking, All the little sisters in the game are still running around gathering adam. Besides the Adam you collect from them where is the other Adam being stored? The sister gathers Adam from the corpse, drinks a little and gets put back into the Vent. Big Daddy may get some of this but where are the sisters taking all the rest of it?


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*spoiler for anyone who hasn't played BS2 yet...*

Back to Sophia Lamb and the Rapture family. The intent is that it will be used the procedure to transform Eleanor Lamb into the first true "Utopian" in much the same way they tried to do the same with Gil Alexander. Sophia believes that Eleanor's prior experience as a Little Sister (and the fact that she still has a sea slug in her belly; those things must live a long time) will prevent the same mutation that happened to Gil from happening to Eleanor.

Thanks for the intellegent reply.