where is raider dstt armour glyph codes still missing torso and helmet 343 waypoint forums suck

they maid things hard to get im stressed because requiemarchive 2 raider dstt armour says once you complete go to waypoint section 3 news and forum for glypgh codes i go there no codes.waypoint shows they r ready release this some boby please help they havnt notfied anybody keep hoping but let down alot because of delays.



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google halo 4 glyph codes and you will find them then u have to enter them to get the armor

also you have to find all the terminals and beat the game

I think you have to finish all the Spartan Ops missions on legendary or something like that.


This the second code that unlocks the Raider DSTT Helmet and 2500 bonus EXP for Halo 4 in Halo Waypoint in the classified section under REQUIEM ARCHIVE 2. You must complete 1000 Matchmaking War games to unlock this.

i have all the armor for raider and i havent done 1000 wargames matchmaking

He's talking about the second set of Raider armor.

Go to these two links and you will get the glyphs




wat about the first set