where is our private servers?

Im playing in spain and we have public servers, wherer is our private server, why we have disconnect 4 the host leave the party... Dont lie us like crysis 2


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My Nat setting is open :/

That's weird. If the host quits in Horde, it assigned another host and all was good. Maybe it had something with NAT settings?

I'v lost connection due to the host quitting but that was only in horde, which would make sense because you dont really need a dedicated server for horde due to it being versus A.I

Pretty sure there are Dedicated servers...ive played non stop since release and ive never lost connection cause the host quit...

Yes, im playing ranked, with others spanish that have the same problem.

ahh i think he's talking about the supposed dedicated servers for gears 3, i heard there were meant to be dedicated servers but not from an official source, just word of mouth :/ but i have noticed that if someone quits it will sometims say host has quit and everyone gets thrown out of the game buts thats only been in horde mode not competative.

I lost the connection 4 leave of host while play team assault and the new "anexo" (i dont know how said in english this mode, perharps king of the mountain or something like that... sorry), i can take screens if u like

Ranked with nat open



are you playing Ranked? if not, then that is more than likely the problem.