Where is my Best Buy Pre Order SPECACT Code?

Anybody know when they are issuing the codes?

The Best Buy salesman seems to believe I will receive via email within 24 hours, while they (BB) work on streamlining their pre order and trade in system for the holidays. They hope that the DLC codes will be available on the receipt the day of the purchase of any pre-ordered game. He said to call him tomorrow if I don't receive it yet, like he can really do anything about it.


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They just sent them to me with an apology since all we got were dogtags. The full spectact mp skins and of course the servers are down when i want to see them. Expect your code sometime within the next 6 hours.

6 hours huh? That seems like a completely random number. Where did you get your info?


Also I received my corrected code about 4 hours ago.

Well I am not holding my breath. Sounds like even the emailed codes have a high chance of being the wrong code.

I did get the wrong code yesterday...Best Buy knows there is a problem. I got the right code a few hours ago automatically. This wasn't a Best Buy problem...they don't create the codes, only dispurse them. The first codes emailed were the dog tags codes ment for amazon preorders. But they have corrected it. If they didn't take your email address when you purchased, then you probably will have to goto the store or call em.