Where is Frampt?

Lordvessel is placed below..yet no frampt up or down? I just bought the new DLC and cant access it w/o him being there (I think)....i've beat the 4 kings (blindfolded w/ 1 arm behind my back) rang both the bells....(gargs/Quelog)...any ideas? thoughts??


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Nope, looks like you're going to have to pay Kaathe a visit.

You can dive down the hole and not take any damage when you hit the floor in the temple/tomb.

If you just jumped down and placed the vessel without talking to Frampt, then that causes both him and Kaathe to get pissed at you and not show up.

You dun goof'd

Why do you need Frampt for the DLC?  If you've placed the lordvessel then you should be good to go.

ya, finally got it to open...nice area...that 1st boss is...challenging...he got me on the 1st try, had him down to about 5%..lol..got him on the 2nd try....now that next boss, thru the forest? holy crap....much harder!! Scared to even try that dragon man, is taht all there is? 3 new bosses?? btw...thx for ur replies guys, appreciate it.

ya, kaathe shows up in the abyss....just no frampt.....that door by the lordvessel still won't open up tho...says locked by some contraption....prolly my own idiocy? i havent beaten all the bosses yet, still have seathe the scaless...the demon ruins...much to do....this game been out a year and still addicted to it

keep playing and killing bosses, that might open the door. if you gave the lord vessel to kaathe, frampt gets pissed off and leaves. and i think kaathe is more honorable than frampt, but who knows considering i'm being pandered to by both of them.

There's 4 bosses in the DLC and a couple mini bosses.