Where is Drifting in the game?

Only place I can find Drifting is Rivals. I'm overlooking something. Nothing in the manual about it. Thanks.


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There should be some drift lobbies online...  However expect to have half the people there constantly sideways (even on straights) and getting insane scores. lol

Yeah the only place I found them was on rivals also!! Not tried the lobbies, might give that a go tho!

I'm so glad there's no real drifting events in the game. Forza is supposed to be a serious racing title, but drifting is more like the red-headed stepchild that rides the "special bus" to school. Then again, the "racing" events are more like destruction derby (in the snow with bald tires), played against blind monkeys.

See Pooh, you have to be able to drift a little so you can hold onto the car when someone slams you. I wish there were drift events in career, but they should not make them required to finish the game and get 100%. They should be optional. Same with Drag. Just a thought.

I can drift... I can also watch Jersey Shore. Out of good taste & the desire to keep my remaining brain cells, I choose not to.


I think I mentioned this in another thread... I don't mind the ability to drift in a "serious" racing game either, but I too feel it should not be part of the completion criteria. At least drag is a real competition, rather than some subjective X-Game type of event.