Where in Subway Town is a vendor?


I was just wondering where is the Vendor in Subway Town? Ive just arrived there and I need some supplies

Thank you


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Upstairs across from the Mayors office I believe its called Janus supplies.  There is also another guy that you can talk to and buy certain items for bulk for decent prices i believe he is also upstairs in one of the hallways.

The other guy is found behind the Vendor's shop.  From the Mayor's office, travel past the front door of the Vendor and turn left at the T - Junction.

If you still have your manual, it shows where it's at.  I just saw it was in there, after I saw this question and after I stumbled on it by accident in the game. 

Yea the vendor is upstairs across from the mayors office. Also there's a guy behind the vendor that sells 1 item every few minutes for a cheaper price than a vendor would sell it for.