where have all the black ops players gone

been on all week and its very rare that the lobbies are full..ended up in 1 game with just me and another player..in the nearly

10 minutes of the game..no one joined..also the games i played it was rare there was a full lobby in 2 hours of playing

my search setting are set to default so obviously its not that

it said there were 8 thousand people on free for all

im just wondering where it shows how many people are online

thats a load of crap..i get more full lobbies in cod4

could it be no one is interested in this game and they have all gone back to MW2.


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yea, that's what they did. Went back to MW2.

On the PS3 maybe, as I have no problems finding full games all the time over there.  Sure I'll run into the occasional room that won't refill , but I just back out and start a new search.  It could also be the mode you play.  If its one of the lesser played modes it could just be that you picked a bad time to play.

its not the mode..theres an average of 8000 players online at the same time..thats why i think thats bull..more like 800 players, just seems deserted all the time..i wont go back to mw2 because quickscoping aimbots have ruined that game..it was rubbish anyway lol

Must be where you live or the time you sign on.  I usually play between midnight and 3a on EST and theres 300K people on with a bunch playing mainly TDM and DOM.  BUt I've had no issues getting into a full match of either type.  

I was online last night playing Hardcore Flags and had no problem finding people, but I will say that more people are backing out of games than ever.  Out of 10 matches played, we only finished one.  That's pretty bad.  

All my games are always full, I don,t understand why you can't find good games..

Maybe your connection? Any trouble with other games?

always with black ops..just the last week or 2 its been empty

That's strange because there is a lot of player still on BO:S

I can find games anytime... no prob. Not to rub it in. Maybe it is your area. when I play I notice that there are a huge amount of players in my matches that are from my area.... I can tell by there Saints and LSU emblems. (yes, im from New Orleans)

So, maybe it somehow makes an effort to put you playing against as many players that are close to you as the matchmaking can allow. idk? good luck.

You can choose if you want to be matched randomly or with people of your area. But the OP already said that his options are set to default:S

If it's only hapenning on black ops, I can't help you

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