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Finally managed 2 drag myself away from Skyrim only 2 find executuion has gone.  Tried on a few occasions the joint warzone/exec list but always get warzone.  What am I missing as it never even gives me a choice of gametype.

Also tried players choice and was never actually given a choice just koth after koth   please explain

You can read what the gametype is before you select it at the bottom of the screen.

Warzone/Exec means it is WARZONE with execution rules.

Player's Choice is KOTH gametype...with select weapons and rules...

Pro tip: Read the gametype description.

Thanks for that.

I assumed players choice would mean you voted on what gametype you played.  

Does this mean you can not longer play execution as a gametype then? I don't like warzone and thought in the war/exec gametype you would get the choice.  One more question how does warzone with execution rules work as i assume you don't actually need to execute them for the kill, not execution rules then!!!!!!!

there is a set amount of warzone games and then a set amount of execution games.

i'm not sure how many, i was told 5.

if it was warzone with execution rules, then surely that would make it a straight up execution gametype.

i wish they would seperate them again.

It went over the rainbow