Where does Dawnguard take place?

I was just wondering if Dawnguard takes place in the map we've been playing, with new locations, or is it in a separate world, the way Shivering Isles was?


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Its on the current map. It might be an 'unlocked' area though. Before the DLC Castle Dawnguard might have been a cliff face, after, its a path to the castle. But its still the same old skyrim map.

POSSIBLE SPOILER  Dawnguard also includes a large underground area located in the northwest corner of the Skyrim map. The problem is that the map pointer, while referring to this underground area, displays the pointer arrow on a useless tract of the icy northern waters. If you try to go to the arrow location at ground level, you are wasting your time as there is nothing there.  So YES, Dawnguard takes place on or under the Skyrim map.