where do you get the BF sigs?

I see some have them, wandering where you get them.




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thank you

does it stay there? or do i need to just copy/paste everytime?


Use HTML Coding in your Signature Box at your Forums Preferences, I think that is a URL.

i think i got it...lets see

yup, cool thx again

Is there not an official stats site?

After looking at all yall's bf3 cards... i realized I have YET to get someone elses dogtags. Thats embarrassing...

I havent gone collecting dog tags as much in this game because i could never find a menu option that shows me them so they became less important. Now i've finally got a stat that shows me i might go hunting for a few more! Its also interesting to see which kit i focus on the most, i'm pretty much even across all 4!!