Where do you call 'Home'?

What place do you find yourself drawn to? Do you have a house in one of the cities? Maybe you've taken over an abandoned fort to stockpile all your loot.


Personally I keep using Breezehome in Whiterun, even though I have a house in all the other cities. It has most of my junk stashed away in it, just a pitty there are only 2 bookshelves in it.


What about you?


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I own Breezehome, but I plan on moving my base of operations to Hjerim in Windhelm (which I just bought).  I'll probably just use Breezehome as a safehouse and use it when I'm in the area.

Breezehome in Whiterun is what I call home.  I'm not interested in getting another house...although I wish I could "fix up" the one I have.

To me, the nicest looking town/city is Solitude.  I really like how that place looks. 

Although Breezehome was my first, I have since moved operations to Proudspire Manor in Solitude.  I am hoping for a castle DLC like Battlehorn in Oblivion for a retirement home, complete with a personal smelter, forge, and crafting and enchantment tables :)

The only drawback I have with the Skyrim homes is the lack of storage space.  In Oblivion I could keep all the armors in one chest, all the weapons in another, all the jewelry in a jewel box, the ingredients in a barrel, etc.  Plus the Oblivion houses had display cases for your favorites of your collections.

If the law is after me, I usually use the house in Riften because it has a back entrance from the stables so I can bypass the guards and annoying double loading screen. Pryor to that I always used the house in Whiterun because it was near all the merchants so I could trade and craft fairly easily.  I just bought the 1 house thats 25k, so we may end of moving there, its pretty sweet on the inside and not as cramped as the others.

I'm in Breezehome now but want to get a house with an enchantment table in it. I think you can get one in the house in Solitude. I have all my stuff seperated in chests and dressers in Breezehome. I am with you on the bookshelves thought. Need more.

Honeyside, Riften.

It was a dump when I bought it but with the additions of an Achemy station and an Enchantment table in the basement its turned out quite nice.

There is also a Garden and Porch option which i haven't bought yet.

Vlindrel Hall in Markarth as of a few days ago.  I like Whiterun but Breezehome left something to be desired.  I wanted to wait on the place in Solitude because of bugs and I'm not really hanging out there alot yet.  And I heard the Rifton house wasn't all that all that great.  So I hadn't heard anything about Markarth so I took off there and really like it.  It is bigger than Breezehome with allot more book storage an enchanter and weapon storage.  So me and Aela moved there for now.  But I heard about a certain secret hide out thats large with its own torture chamber and voice locked door, I may have to check that out.

Whiterun for me, always go back to Yvoldes (sp?), my wife to collect the daily income & then use her house (I mean ours) to dump all my stuff in. There is constantly an option to move house but i'm fine with her looking after everything while I go out on one of my long adventures.

In Riften at the moment, own the one in Whiterun. But I want the Solitude one, proudspire manor. How do you unlock it? I've done the 2 quests so far. SPOILERS!!! HIGHLIGHT TO READ

The one with the wolf queen, when you first investigate and when you have to go down into the hallway of the dead I think it was. But still couldn't see option to buy it. Is there something else I need to do?


Akradon, ask the Jarl of Solitude if she has anything for you to do

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