where did my "bannded used games and you" thread go?

lol, i put some time and good energy into the serious topic and left for some arrends. came back, thread was gone. i checked the other genral forum, used the search funtion... its gone. what happened??


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I believe a Mod deleted it because there was already a thread Here that was made first.

There was one that already been made.  And maybe your wasn't popluer version. So they took your down. And keep the other one that was big.

I ate it.


With ranch dressing!

Maybe that was their reasoning... but if it were, it was pretty stupid. Not necessarily the moderater who did it (not name calling here), but the reasoning behind it, as the two topics were completely different. Anyone can see I had previously visited that thread and put in my two cents. Jeez... nice to know people can't talk about varying topics without one or all of them being deleted. ICN3D, quick, here's some BBQ... hurry and eat this one before another mod gets confused and deletes it!

[quote user="ICN3D"]With ranch dressing![/quote]btw ranch dressing < hot sauce

The thread which was kept might have been created first but it was done so in the wrong section of the forum.


I don't recall that the other thread being in this section before you posted your own.

It was a duplicate thread which was created in this forum. It was in fact the very same topic, and can easily be discussed in the current thread. No hard feelings I hope turbo.