Where did my MS Points go?

i had 30 points in my account, then i download this game trial and i see i have 1360, then the next day i see it goes down to 220 and i haven't bought anything.

if anybody can provide a reason why this happened it would be greatly appriciated.


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Yeah they werent your points.


Microsoft accidently gave you some extra points, then took them back.


Whatever points you have you can spend freely without repurcussion.

As above. But didn't you wonder where the points had come from? I had the same issue, saw my points jump up and I instantly knew something was wrong. They have taken back all points now that were issued incorrectly.

They werent your points to begin with...lol...

Will they actually take them back if you bought stuff? Thats mean...

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But didn't you wonder where the points had come from?


I already knew where they had come from after a bit of research on the issue.

NO, Isaac they wont, they already said they if you spend them they were yours to spend.Think of it as "finders,keepers" I think thats how MS see's it.Pretty cool of them really.

It was a glitch in the rewards system. Albeit being a mistake, they were your points. The official xbox support twitter page confirmed that. But knowing Microsoft, they changed their minds and took them back already after ensuring users that the points are theirs. I knew I shouldn't have trusted Microsoft with anything free. I didn't spend the points on time because of Microsofts statement.