Where did Marcus head go?

 I wonder why they changed the game image from the Marcus head to the Omen? Before the game came out I assumed they would have had the Omen with a three on it like the last two. Then once I saw the image with Marcus I was ok with it I thought it was different and change is good.


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ummmm like on the game case?  I don't understand what you're saying...

I think he means the game symbol in our recent games played. I like the omen better, it seems to change every couple hours for me.

The image of the game on the forums right above our level it shows your most recent games played. Now it's an Omen when yesterday and the day before it was Marcus head just like the cover of the game?

Mine all show Marcus 8-/ lol

The new Omen is sweet I just want to know why they changed the image? With all the detail in this game and the relentless promotion of this epic game you would think that every thing would be set in stone before releasing to the public.

I was hoping that the game would come in that first concept box art all red with the omen in the corner spreading out....I was sad.