where can I leave feedback and wishes about the next halo games?

I have a few concerns and wishes about halo anniversary and the next trilogy, is there a more appopriate forum to post on than this?


what is going on with master chiefs armor in halo anniversary? how did his armor change from halo 3 to halo 4? will cortana, chief and other characters from previous games have their original voices? will the multiplayer with halo anniversary be an add on to the halo reach multiplayer, like new maps, armor and other things?


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where may I find the 343 forums?

This is a community forum so your discussion and ideas are welcome, sure, but we can't provide an official answer to any questions.


We can only discuss them with you.


A good place to look for an official response could be the 343 forums, but remember that no company is likely to reveal much about an upcoming project, barring very close to the release.

You can find the 343 forums HERE.

Also, I have to take something I said about this Forum update back, just off topic.


They automatically link URLs and imbed videos, which is useful and does bring added functionality.

I do not know, I don't use them, sorry.


Google can probably tell you, however, it told me this was the place to go: http://halo.xbox.com/forums/


I believe that's right, too, it looks right to me. You're welcome to discuss things here too, of course [:)].