Where can I find (not make because I don't have enough skill to make a sandwich) stuff to increase my bartering?

`I had a necklace I picked up but then I didn't save and lost it beore I could even use it.



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Thieve's Guild Hood is one certain suggestion, and you get that after joining the Thieve's Guild, obviously :P


A Dragon Priest Mask named Volsung is another certain piece, but aside from these two I don't know of any certain items. Keep checking the shops. Also, level your Alchemy or Enchanting up, because both of those will get you what you want.

I'll have to go look for the mask, I prefer to do a guild questiline all at once and I'm in the middle of one.


I did get the blessing of Z and I re-found the amulet of Z. They are supposed to improve prices but they both suck.


Also, how come I have an item and in my inventory it says the value is 100 but when I try to sell it Johnny Storeowner is only paying 5 dollars?


They **** you through the drive thru.

The Volsung Dragon priest mask gives you +20 Carry Weight,Improve Prices 20% and water breathing.

It can be found in the Haafingar Hold in a Dungeon called Valskygge. You dont go there on any quest so you must find it

It is here on the map.

VALSKYGGE is circled in red 

Dragon Bridge is circled in Blue

@George it's called a business. They are there to make money, and it's in the same sense as a pawn shop. Getting your speech up will help you get better prices. Also, most dungeon loot is level specific, especially in the giant chests.