Where can I find info about game updates?

I (like everyone I'm sure) receive periodic updates for my xbox 360 and various games. I always wonder what these updates are, what they do. I would like to know if there is some where I can see what these updates are for.

I have a specific problem with one game that just updated. last night (oct, 20) I was playing "Kingdom under fire: circle of doom" and I was prompted to update it. After I finished playing (I didn't want to update then and there) I updated it. Today there are many problems with my character, my abilities not working and a few other minor anoyances. If I could find out exactly what that specific update changed I would be happy (assuming it's not a problem with my game) but if there is somewhere I can look to see what other updates are doing as well that would be convenient for the future.

I have tried looking here and on other sites for this game specificaly and other updates and have found nothing. If either of these questions can be answered I would appreciate it.

What was this specific update for on "Kingdom under fire: Circle of doom"? (updated on October 20)

Where can I find information on what these constant updates are for on my 360 and individual games?


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You should check  developers forums but that game you mentioned is really old ; same i can say about the  the patch .

you can always bing kingdom under fire title updates

I've tried. I didn't realize the patch was old, finding help for outdated hardware and software can suck.

Thanx for the reply.

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