Where can i find fortify carry weight?

i've been looking for a piece of jewelry enchanted with fortify carry weight but i cant find it on any merchant.

Can somebody help me out?


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This is a little off topic from the OPs question, but another trick I use is park my horse outside the dungeon and pile my loot there.  Then when I am ready to fast travel, I grab all my stuff and hop on the horse.  Even though you cannot fast travel when you are overencumbered, apparently your horse can.  I used this trick when moving out of Breezehome.  I parked the horse on the back porch, loading my 8000-9000 pounds of stuff and shuffled back to my horse where I could fast travel again.  :-)  Whirlwind sprint also comes in handy for these situations...

After your mule becomes over encumbered she/he can/will still carry more.  Just drop your stuff on the ground and tell them to pick it up. I do this  :-)

Wouldn't simple enchantments like Fortify Carry Weight be part of the 'random generic enchanted loot' counter in chests and merchant inventories? Obviously excluding unique/ set items and artifacts.

If so then most places only have a 15 percent chance of containing this kind of loot, but since weapons can't have this enchantment at all and only gloves and boots ever normally contain it this should give roughly 2-3% chance of enchanted gloves/ boots spawning. Much lower for any specific enchantment.

If you find the stead stone that increases your carry weight

Thieves Guild Armor increases carrying capacity by 20% I believe.  You can obtain it by joining the thieves guild.  

I read this post yesterday and then by chance last night I was at the White Phal in Windhelm and the vendor had the fortify carry weight recipe for sale...

talk about timing....

I guess it wont always spawn there but thought i'd mention it...

Level 28 on my new character, an Argonian, and I found Hide Boots of Strength either in Dawnstar or Riverwood.

One of the blacksmiths.

...it is awfully random though. Finally found a circlet and helmet with Alchemy, still looking for Smithing though.

I don't believe I have seen jewelry though you can enchant your own. That's what I did. I made a carry ring. You will see boots available and potions of strength which are the carry potions.

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Akradon, this is true enough - well spotted.... however, both help with carry weight so does it really matter?

Fear not, you win the prize for today.


Woop, what do I win?

Your are right, both do help the carry weight, but obviously the potion will wear off eventually. Depends how many you make I suppose lol.

where is it ?

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