Where Are You In The Game?

That is if you are still playing the title, where are you and what have you accomplished in Oblivion?

I am currently working my way through the Thieves Guild, on some of the final missions right now for it. My plan is to work my way through the guild missions before continuing on to the main storyline, which I have never even beaten nor really attempted to play.


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I did everything.


And it sucked.


Then I played Daggerfall for an hour only to be killed by a bear and lose 40 minutes of progress.


But I had a better time.


Oh well.

with my new character iv just escaped the sewers, but with this one im planning on completing the main game, then entering the shivering isles never to return, im actually setting this up for a fan fic, and if anyones interested i'll post it on here

I've completed everything. Although never with the same character.

With my current character I've just completed the Arena and am having fun pushing the Annoying Fan off Dive Rock.

I'm part way though the Fighters Guild, Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood, just got all recommendations from the mages guild and about to choose sides in the Shivering Isles.

I've also got OCD when it comes to Oblivion Gates. Whenever I pass one I just have to close them which is a pain.

completed everything and i am not playing this right now. because for some reason i just don't like letting my characters game time go over 24 hours. whenever i do reach 24 hours i make a new character. so then the game gets boring because i always do that.

maybe i should go on a quest... to kill every killable npc in the game

Currently just finished the Thieves Guild missions and have started to work on the Dark Brotherhood missions in the game.

Im playing again, never did finish though. Currently im a Khajit, finished the Thieves Guild, so im the grey fox (Cowl of Nocturne FTW!), finished the Arena, Dark Brotherhood, and working on the Fighters and Mage's guilds. Building up Mysticism is not easy when you are at 6 and need to be 25. Gotta start soul trapping. I've also collected 6 or so Daedric Artifacts, as they are so much more powerful than anything else. I love this game still

I am currently on my way to completing the Main Quest, have completed the Dark Brotherhood and Thieves Guild quest line, explored the Shivering Isles, and am on my way to fully completing the arena, Mages Guild and the Fighters Guild. still having fun as a Bosmer but am finding it lacking compared to Skyrim. But is an amazing game for its time and still is!

TRy the mages guild get a paralyze staff do the glitch to dorian and become a theiving merchant who has the emperors clothing?

then go complete everything and then the main story last, thats my progress on an account i have just started...

Just started, haven't left the prison yet. Such a stark difference from Skryim, mainly the menus. But that is understood because of the age of this game. Fun so far.

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