Where are the riddles ?

I mean on those riddles when text writes above me and when I need to find and scan something in environment or in some room
I haven't seen any riddle untill now and I was affraid that maybe there are no riddles in Arkham City but I saw there are and I saw some of them on youtube but in my case there are no any riddles , I was scaning alot , I was holded LB (detective mod) but nothing.....................I thought maybe It's some glitch in the game.
This really pissing me off (I want to solve all riddles and probably that was my favorite part of the game in Arkham Asylum)
So what's the trick ?
How to unlock a riddles ?



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Maybe try playing the game for longer than 20 minutes?

you have only just saved catwoman,you are at the very start of the game,give it time.

if things like this "annoy" you wait till the ar training missions start.

Ey probably U saw my achievements (but If I haven't been online that doesn't mean that I don't play ;) then I just have one internet modem and I can not put the internet cable into console everytime when I play)  but now I've defetead a Penguin and now I'm chasing for those assassin's clan but I still can't see any riddles :(

I think I've found AR training somewhere at the beggining of the game and I've solved only 1 training from 4.

Maybe I need to solve more training sessions to unlock the option to solving a riddles around ?

I can't recall for certain, been only playing Challenge Mode for the last month, but isn't scanning for riddles one of the upgrades to be unlocked first?...:-)

Arkham99 :

How to unlock them (I already passed 50-60 % of main story and I haven't seen any riddle yet) ?


tnx man (I'll use that later) but I think U don't understand me , It's not a problem that I can't locate riddles then problem are those riddles which needs to appear on the screen by green letters when I get into some room or when I get out somewhere and when I need to detect or find something in environment.

That green letters (riddle) don't appear to me on the screen at all , like they don't exist , like It's some glitch in the game.

Probably I need to unlock them how I would be able to solving that puzzles but I have no idea how.

Check your upgrade menu, you have to distribute points to the upgrade even if it's unlocked, makes no difference how far into the campaign you are...:-)

Ok , thanks man ;)

I will check the upgrade menu and I'll let U know does It works ;)

Go back to the church where you first met Harley Quinn at the begining of the game. All the people you left there are gone and huge TV displays The Riddler who will give you your first Riddle. After this all riddle hints appear in the game and let you solve them.

Hope it helps

thanks man that was a real answer ;)

I'm sure that I remember an upgrade on your ability to scan for riddles, sorry if it wasn't the "real answer" that you were looking for, must've just dreamnt it then..:-)

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