Where are the ole school players and clans?

Whos finally hopefully coming back to create havoc on BF3. Sooooo many ole school vets and clans  left when battlefield turned into  BC. If your planning on coming back let us know. I am really looking forward to some ole time epic battles again against some great players.....OZZI?  RAINMAN? NULL? HOTBLOODED? COLDBLOODEED? BIG HEAD? CARBON?  and on and on and on. Great guys to play with, tough guys to play against.  

Some of the old clans?   DOA? CEREAL KILLERS? TGB? WAR? COA? T4S?CON? HP?D12? etc, etc......

I know I missed a ton of clans and players but I am ready to update my FL again and have some real knock down battles with these guys.

Some of these egos will just set this forum on fire..Finally an end to over powered weapons and camping bush wookiee storys day in and out over and over and over....

Can't wait the fun is about to begin in less then 60 days on the BF and these forums.   Bring a towel your going to need it .....lol



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maybe they're at Chili's..Wednesday is fajita day as I recall

Wont know til the beta and game release.  Remember on BC1 I seen a ton of clans.  On BC2 dont see many clans on one whole side like old days of DC5 or AOW or D12.  I made a horse around clan that has mostly XBF/UXF members.  Let me know if your interested?  So far GB only has max size of 16 players per clan.  Were up to 11.  But a lot are protesting for a 24 man roster.

Ya you will need allot more then 16 players  as the time of day the match is you tend to lose people plus guys are not on all the time.  WAR was pretty big in the Modern Combat days most were from the clan CARBON but we were not as serious as most on here seem to think. Now 6 years later guys are older and clans are allot of work and organization that we are just not into anymore. WARS new tag is FYC..you can figure it out. We are the new anti clan...no clan tags, no fancy names, no requirements on stats, no stupid ranks, no moving up ranks. Just a bunch of washed up scrubs looking for some fun thats all.Honesty thats what we did in Modern Combat most of the time who wants to tank? Heli?engineer? assualt? etc and we just work it out and still won. We should  have a solid group of guys that if a match comes down the pipe we will play and be fairly decent. We are not going to be very serious at all. Some old clan mates have already said they plan to come back and play with us.  Heck if anybody is interested hit me up

If the game is as good as we ll hope and pray then then clans will come back big time.

It should be fun . Personally if I never play another Heavy Metal map again I would be very happy.

did you try looking in your face?

Did I try looking looking in my face ? Encrap wtf are you talking about?. This is an english forum if you don't understand english please go away ! Don't go away mad just go away .Duh.....

Dc5 will be on battlefield 3

Yeah, I'm still around and kicking! I really don't play Xbox 360 that much these days. A two year old boy takes up most of my time. I've been mostly playing the Onlive Microconsole www.onlive.com. I will be getting BF3 for sure on Xbox 360 and running with Im2spooky and friends. BF3 will still be missing that feel of BF2 MC. Hit me up if you want to play.

PS I think Ozzy is raping little kangaroo babies in a coal mine in Australia these days. Just kidding bro!

Yeah  stopped playing xbox yonks ago. Times taken up by my 6 month old bubs. lol

And it's lead/zinc mine. Get it right lol.

i cant wait to go back to killing those WAR guys!

funkin wacky is my baby daddy!

[quote user="Dc5 CrazyJon"]

Dc5 will be on battlefield 3



Duqi is on that team? Remember him from forums way back. And they have BF in GBs? Is there a "varient" mode or something, just asking.

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