Where are the Battlefield fans?

I have played a number of the Battlefield games and loved them all.  No game is without its flaws.  I am also a huge call of duty fan, and those games have had their own share of flaws.  I am just missing the posts of the people who are enjoying the game.  It seems like one big complain fest.   I for one love this game.  The huge battles, massive maps, vehicles, sound, etc.  The first game I played I loved the planes flying over head, heli's looming over head, and the tanks whizzing by.  Playing it on surround sound really helps!  So, I know I can't be the only one that feels this way.  Anyone?


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I've played every BF game on the 360.. IMO most people complaining about this game are not BF fans and are just spoiled gamers that want every game to be just like whatever game they play the most..

The real BF fans left this forum a long time ago because of the children that post here..

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I'm a faux fan. I just visit for the good readin'.

I absolutely love this game, the servers are garbage but that was expected. I am seriously confused at why so many people hate this game. They just keep nit picking at every LITTLE thing.

The online component keeps getting better with the more I unlock.  Every match I have had online has been smooth with no interruptions.  A lot of people are complaining about the online code, but a lot of companies are going that route.  It will eventually become the norm.  

Yes I had been playing BF since BF1942 and have every BF for PC (got the dog tags to prove it) and I think bF3 is a huge step up from BC in the since that it is much closer to replicating the BF2 experience!  They did an excellent job of implementing the jets and air game without it overpowering the ground infantry, and I say that because I have never been killed or felt threatened by enemy air support. Well any of you who feel the same as me about BF3 please send me a friend request MICS ONLY PLEASE!

The truth is the majority myself included love the game but when you sell as many copies as BF3 has sold you're going to have a number of unhappy customers. The same goes for every multi million selling game out there. But having said that BF3 is nothing short of amazing and is worthy of every great review it's received. I will be playing BF3 until the next BF game comes around!

I am new to battlefield. Mostly play COD with all my relatives cause I love it and that is all they play. I have to say this game is insane. I know all my family wont run out and buy it so we can play together but i for one love it.

Im here.. lol.. absolutely love BF3.


IN the beginning i sucked, i really did.. But now, with more and more unlocks i have a fighting chance, and im using it well..


I cant wait till the. "hmmm.. lets try BF3 then for a change kinda ppl" go, and leave the servers for the real fans, or really interrested new ppl. (When is MW3 released?)

FTW the game is the shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh