Where are all the reviews??

Metacritic only has 4???!!!


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Many of the major game websites opted to wait until after the initial patch of the game, which you should get when you boot the game up, before reviewing it. Their point was that it didn't do any good to review the game before it was even a retail copy.

Why would anyone need to review a game that is no different than past Battlefield installments.

The PC review is up on a few sites, but the game sites didn't get a copy of the console versions until yesterday.  Plus they wanted to wait to play until the major update was applied (today) as well as with the texture pack.  So the review is out for a bit.  

the few that have reviewed seem somewhat lackluster --- in the low 80's ... I'm going to get it for sure, but still a bit disappointing.

Definitely something is fishy when a major game such as this still doesn't have reviews up. Most major games will give reviewers an early copy with any applicable patches because they are confident with the finished product and they want everyone to know how awesome the game is. Uncharted 3 isn't coming out until next week and already has reviews.