Where are all the good mech games?

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Anyone else notice the lack of giant metal death machines in games lately? I miss Chrome-hounds and MechWarrior.

I heard about MechWarrior 5, but that was stopped dead because the hellbringer (if I remember my mechs correctly) looked too much like another games robot. Chrome-hounds 2 has become dust in the wind.

I'm tired of Gundom and AC. They were kind of fun, but I never got into it. I looked into Trenched, and it got my hopes up. But I heard some bad reviews on it. I also thought it was dumb that your pilot is outside and behind sandbags on the mech.

Has anyone heard of any “good” mech games coming out this year or in the next? I really do miss these games. Hell, I’m thinking about buying MechWarrior 3 for the PC just to go back through the good old days.


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I played Chromehounds way back in 2006 or 2007 when I had my first 360. It was a cool game and one of the first games I bought. Did they ever create a sequel or something?

Have you heard of Hawken?


for now play some AC 4A and try front mission evolved and wait for mechwarrior 5.

I don't know but I've been wondering the same thing for years now.  I've been waiting for MechAssualt 3 for a long long time, but who knows if that will ever happen.  That's too bad about Trenched.  A mech game with co-op sounds fun, but a person chilling on top of it seems lame.  Nontheless I'm going to at least play the trial.

Hawken looks..... awesome! All I can only hope for now is that it is well put together and offers Chromehound like customization.

im hoping for mechwarrior to come out. i havnt heard anything about it for like 2 years.  i forgot about hawken! and theyare gonna do steel battalion for kinect. how is front mision? i saw it, but it didnt look much like mechwarrior so i didnt buy it. hope im not missing out on much.

Armoured core seems to have gone downhill .. So that's out of the window .. The new steel battalion seems cool for kinect!

The original was awesome with the giant controller

Last thing I remember seeing as proof of a Mechwarrior game and it looked like it was really far along in development, but that was in 2009 and I haven't seen anything else about it since. Also if you want your Mechwarrior fix Mechwarrior 4 and Mercenaries have been officially free to download and play for quite some time on the PC.

Front Mission Evolved is pretty decent.



@ dasgetto: How do you embed the Youtube video?

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