When your overload with gear...

What town do you go to... Smith, enchant, then sell the gear? To make the most money


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If you're over-encumbered, you won't be able to fast travel. If you have a house, drop some items, preferably in a place easy to find, like a fast travel spot, and go store them. Go back and get the rest of your stuff. If you have gold and silver ingots and jewels, go to the forge and make some jewelery, as they are worth more than the items items are separate.

Actually.....  If you have a horse, and are over encumbered, get on the horse, then fast travel to whiterun.  you walk in and can sell to the smith, go in the smith's building sell to the other worker there, then you can go up to the general goods store.  Did this last night from a dungeon and i had 600/346 over encumberment.  You make sop much by doing this.  Just take your excess dungeon items to the beginning of the dungeon and drop them, don't go outside the dungeon to do this.  Once you are finished, you can pick everything up, zone out, then walk slowly to your horse, then fast travel.  

You can also use the sprint shout while over encumbered to pretty much eliminate the speed penalty.  That last statement is in regards to using whitrun as your sell spot.  You wont have to move much further than the shout will get you by using this location.

I don't usually enchant my things (unless they are relatively cheap) as the shops never have enough gold to buy them.


As for as over-encumbering goes, I have spare items I carry around that have carrying capacity enhancements. I don't wear them all the time as they're not as good as my usual gear and I would lose the armour rating bonus for a complete set.


Also, if you travel up to the far north west of the map you'll find the Steed Stone (it's west of Solitude) this gives you additional carrying capacity aswell as allowing you to run for longer in armour (as if you weren't wearing any).

No point in having a steed stone if you follow what I said.  It is a simple method that will allow you to fully utilize a stone that helps your particular class(or makes up for the classess cons) rather than waste it.

Keep lots of Strength potions with you.

Then fast travel and store before the 300 seconds ends.

What I was doing was after a dungeon haul, would be go to the smith/wheel at Windhelm better the gear... fine/ exquiste.. etc.... then enchante with soul gems( there is an enchanter table right by the smith), then sell it for twice the price. When the blacksmith runs out of money buy all his leather, ore and ignots and craft away... then sell again. Do this really gets up your armor/ weapon crafting as well as enchanting.

Rinse and repeat.

Actually Gurnz4, I see it the other way around... What's the point of doing it that way as much when the steed stone gives you constant +100 carry bonus. More fill up before you need to unload.

You shouldn't enter a dungeon full of crap anyway(over encumbered).  So you enter without carrying anything but say 150/340.  Depending on size of dungeon, that can fill up fast, even if you have the steed perk.  so then you have a perk that gives you nothing to help actual skills level AND you will still be forced to either go drop stuff off, or go sell it.  My way ensures you dont load out MULTIPLE times, you go drop stuff off at the door, you grab it all, go to like 700/340, load out the dungeon, wind sprint to your horse, which will prolly put you past your horse because it will be so close to the door, then hop on horse, fast travel to whitrun, walk 20 feet and unload to the smither out there then go into store and unload rest.