when will there be some gameplay footage?

anyone have a idea (or know) when they might show off some gameplay or at least some screenshots? im still trying to decide if i wanna pre-order now or just wait and buy it around  x-mas time but hard to make a decision without seeing nothing but trailers and hearing all the hype


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There are a few leaked videos from the alpha test but other then that not much as of yet.  We probably wont get any real footage until the beta is released sometime in Sept.

Gamescom which is going to be August 17-21. THey will finally be showing off conquest.

There have been trailers of the multiplayer gameplay and leaked Alpha gameplay all over youtube.

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Go to youtube.  There tons of bf3 videos.  Also check twitter, dice has official videos out too.

Yep,YouTube has loads of PC Alpha footage!Wont see console for a bit yet.


leaked alpha gameplay is all over youtube. [View:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h4ZKfmd82CU&feature=feedu]

All the MP gameplay I have seen has been from the PC and PS3, is there a reason they are not showing it from the 360 version. Should we be worried?

Why should you be worried? The core gameplay will not be affected. Graphically, it will be dumbed down but everything else will be the same as the PS3.

Btw, only the MP footage were from PC ;)