When was the last time you played Halo 3 ODST?

The last time I played Halo 3 ODST was two years ago.


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Yesterday - helping with Endure on Lost Platoon - a painful map no doubt.

2 years ago lol

Coupe of years ago for an hour or so. I think it really really sucked.

Very easy map. I just did it. Just stay in the main fortress and save a hammer for when hunters come by. Most importantly, pick up the spartan laser in the yellow room where the warthog is outside to destroy the wraiths with. Destroying a wraith gives you 4,000-8,000 exp per wraith.

According to my profile, it was June 27, 2013.

almost six months or so, and still looking for a reliable companion that help with Firefight achievements...

I play every other day I actually enjoy the story line a lot :)

I am playing it now. Going for 200k in every firefight mission.

Playing nearly every day and looking for additionel players for Vidmaster 4-player co-op challenges. I only need two achievements for this game.