When should I start Dawnguard?

I appreciate it's really soon to be asking since it only came out this morning however I want to get it but don't know whether to start it yet. I am a Level 15 on first playthrough. I hated Oblivion but seem to be really enjoying this one. I don't know whether it is the sort of game that warrants multiple playthroughs for achievements for example but I'm reading some real mixed stuff about what the ideal level is to start Dawnguard. I know Bethseda reccomends between Level 10 - 20 on their forums but is that a Level 10 - 20 on their second playthrough or do you think they mean if you've just bought the game you may as well start Dawnguard from the beginning too?


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Also, with this vampire/werewolf business, whatever side I choose, will I stay that side for the rest of the game or does my character change when I enter this area? Thanks.