When pigs fly achievement.

Can any one help me get the when pigs fly achievement ?


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I got a world set up for it, message me when you're available and I'll help you get it. Also if anyone else needs this achievement, please feel free to message me as well. PLEASE mention When Pigs Fly so I know why you're messaging/adding me. I've helped over twenty people so far and all I've gotten it on their first try.

Legit one of the most frustrating achievements I've ever worked for. So satisfying when you finally get it though! Try boxing the pig in and digging a deep hole around it, then when you ride it break the wall you boxed him in with and he should fall in the hole.

Can someone help me build the rest of my giant city.  Send me a friend request @ GoldNaters.

friends request sent Nater

This one was annoying for me, i found a chest with 3 saddles in it but i followed the guides on youtube and didnt work. You need to make sure the pig is falling at least 4-5 blocks. I made a pig fall 4 blocks and it flashed red but it didnt count as fall damage, i think 5 blocks is the minimum, the pig needs to take a large amount of damage for it to count I think.

Easiest thing to do is to find a pig on a hill, place the saddle, and then pour water next to the pig to force it off the side.

You could also try seed "808" which has an open dungeon in the map somewhere?

you need two people for this. try worstseedever as your seed (no caps and spaces). right when you spawn there will a pit  as a dungeon dig around and there should be a chest with iron and saddles. box the pig with fences. (get off the pig then fence it.) hop on the pig.have the second player dig under the pig in a deep hole. ( 7 blocks works for me.) the pig should fall down and get the achievement.

You seriously don't need two people...