When leveling up ... went from level 36 to "11". Does anyone know how to fix?

When playing a private session of deathmatch... when leveling up .... my level went from 36 to "11". I rebooted everything and played another round - still will not go to 37. Doeas anyone know what to do?


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continue on...you will not get back your level.

You are lucky that you weren't at a higher level when you got reset.  I know some people that "prestiged" twice and then got reset back to 1.  (That means they were over level 200)


Anyway, it's a fairly common problem in Gears 3 to have your level reset while you are playing multiplayer.  It happens when your player data file gets corrupted, which can be for a number of reasons.  Epic and Microsoft both know about this problem, but they won't do anything to fix it or help you get your level back.


Like Silent Rage said; "continue on..."


If you decide to keep playing Gears 3, I would recommend backing up your save data file to the cloud or a separate USB flash drive a couple of times per week (depending how much you play).



If he continues on, he's just letting a company's ineptitude abuse him. File a complaint with the BBB.