When I insert disc 2 I get this error message...


When I insert disc 2 I get this error message...

Update Not Found
This game requires and update. but the update couldnt be found

Whats going on?
What should I do?



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Same here , i dont know why its happen but i just reload the game and start from the auotosave , its works so far

Just start the game with disc 2 in the drive. No problem.

Happens to me every time I switch Discs.  The game auto saves just before though so the "continue Campaign" option will ping you back to where you SHOULD have been before it bugged out.

it will take u back to dash just start it up and load the auto save

When it kicks me to the dashboard I just start the game up and continue with my campaign on whatever disc I'm on. It's no big deal to me, I haven't noticed any issues with the game because of it.

I was trying to play the same game and got error messages :/ disc is unreadable and its perfectly clean then a black screen with white text all the way down with "ERROR:" in white and some random red text :/ kidna worrisome.