When do riddles start?

Just firing the game up tonight for the first time. Couldn't resist any longer after all these amazing reviews.

Quick question: At what point can I start solving riddles? I just saved Cat Woman from HD and had the bell tower blow up on me.  Supposed to be tracking Jokers signal now and wondering when I start getting riddles.

Also, can I go back into the church at some point? Right now it's on lock down.

Thanks in advance!


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Just play the game and everything will fall into place and if you are stuck just ask.

I figured as much just wanted to hear it from someone else.  Thanks Castle!

I was thinking the same question cause there are some that you just cannot reach or climb up to get. Are there certain Riddler trophies that you can't get until later in the game when you have upgraded weaponary etc? And what's with the red, purple and green trophies?

Purple Trophies are for Catwoman. Green are for Batman. There are certain trophies you cannot get until you get particular weapons. You can also use your grappling hook to pick a number up quite easily.

I'd advise you to do the first 4 AR Missions the game throws your way. You get a navigational/movement upgrade for completing that which aids GREATLY in getting a ton of the Riddler Trophies. Complete the 4 other Advanced AR Training for an achievement.

[quote user="BKVegeta"]Purple Trophies are for Catwoman.[/quote]

catwoman can take the green ones too,she is a thief remember.

Good to know thanks BK!

Picked up a couple tonight with the grappling hook and finished the first AR mission. Slowly getting into the meat of the game.

[quote user="FistswivUrToes"]

[quote user="BKVegeta"]Purple Trophies are for Catwoman.[/quote]

catwoman can take the green ones too,she is a thief remember.[/quote]

Yes, she is a thief, but he asked what the colors were for. And I'm sure Catwoman's logic wasn't about stealing....it was more, what is for her, is hers, and what is for him is hers as well. :P

Ladies are sometimes like this, no joke ^_^

So I've got riddles but I'm missing something here...I see riddle spots on the map and can solve them by scanning but before I even get the riddle.  How do you trigger the riddle? I'd like to actually solve these as opposed to just scanning an area and getting the riddle after,

@NEOLINK also if you need help please feel free to ask me as well.