When do Family Reports get compiled?

Today is 9/1/2012 and I myself have been playing the X-box for multiple days but when I go to the family center for reports (Daily) the last time I played was 8/25. Well untrue as I have played mutilple times since then and even today. This also reflects with my son.

So.. what is the lag time for these reports, an entire week? That's getting nearly useless.

Just wondering if anybody knows.


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Hi FerrisMaster

When you and your son are playing, are both of you connected to LIVE? If you are offline this data will not show up in the report. Have you ever been able to see data on both users besides 8/25?

If you and your son have been online all the time, you should remove and re-add both accounts to your Gold Family Pack. There is a 5 day waiting period between when you can remove and add them to your plan, so both accounts will have a few days where both of you are unable to log on to LIVE. Try one account at the time so you don't lose connection to Live.

Sorry for responding so late but I just can't except the remove them from the Family Pack and add them back as a solution. That just seems to be so Microsoft to say "uninstall and reinstall".