When did you start

I have Finally found out how to use the forum after one month **** my smilies still dont work in non compatibility mode

First let me say I failed at finding these new forums I couldn't find the drop down menu But my question for the community is "When did you buy your first 360 and How long have you been an XBL member and what are some funny moments?




Me I started when I was 14 in 2006 I got Oblivion I thought it was the best game in the world. I got on Xbl I forget all I can remember is the first game I played online was graw I thought I was the best player when I went in but I got taught a lesson there are alot of gamers in the world. Since then I've played most major games my funny moment of gaming is Gears 1 lag O god the horror from going back and forth and dying for no reason made it so funny. I wrote shis question becaue as I failed again because I did not realize that the 360 came out in 2005 ( I watched the realease in the airplane hanger on g4 in the desert it just felt like yesterday though.) Another has it felt like 5 to 6 years? I swear time flies when your in the game. (welcome to reality)


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I wana cry cause I know no one is going to post here I spent one month in this maze we call forum lol

I've been on Live since day 1 back in 2002, was that 2002? I have another gamertag called "Sjeik" which I have used since the beginning. My best experience on Live ever has been on the original xbox playing Return to Castle Wolfenstein. That game was something else.

I used to believe they don't make 'em like they used to but I think that's only because I don't want to admit to myself that at 37 I have probably outgrown gaming to a degree. Life will do that to you at some point ;)

Still I see myself at least keeping a close eye on the industry and messing around on these boards for a long time to come

I got my first 360 in 2006 and joined live in early 2007 my first 360 lasted 23 months before getting the RROD. Gears of War 1 was the first game I played online MP on (not counting UNO) and I remember getting killed with the chainsaw over and over again that's when I realized MP is very different from SP .

A whole month? Yikes.

I got my first 360 at the end of 2006, joined Live in early '07. Lasted about a year and a half before disc drive failure. Second one has been going strong. First online games were Rainbow Six Vegas and Forza 2. Best times on those and CoD4 by far.

December of 2006.

i have been a member of xbox live since 06...early 07 (christmas present) got it hooked up to xbox live 2 days after christmas so you know lol

first game i played online was cod2 and i've been hooked since !

i remember back in the day vowing to myself i wouldn't purchase halo 3 on release ... but what did i do .. buy it ... lol

ahhh they where the good old days when i had hardly any life haha

since august 2007 i suppose there were lots of good moments, mostly on cod 4.


I think I answered this already but 2007.

Previously known as Win7Xbox 360

Been gaming since I was very young, but got my first 360 in May '09; Oblivion also immediately addicted me. Lots of funny moments, best maybe being my husband's (non-gamer) comments about games he watches me play.

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