When Did This Game Become Playable

Just got back into Black Ops 2 after not playing since the very beginning of 2013.

I stopped playing back in Jan/Feb because the game was basically unplayable for me. Connections to other players were constantly in flux and it was just too frustrating to play with the constant lag.I put the disc back in this past week and found that my online experience is now just like every other COD game I've played in the past.

Was there a specific update to the online gameplay that's improved things since I stopped playing in the first couple months of this year?


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They did something several patches ago that did something with the host. Some were saying they are using a dedicated server now but I don't know. It somehow grabs more than one person to be host so who knows what they did. They aren't telling. Also it's not every game mode either. Seems to be in the more popular modes.

Nice! Thanks for the info! Whatever it is it really made a difference for me! Glad to be back playing a game I can enjoy again!

^^CoD ALWAYS changes connection stuff every patch/update. Itll get better for some and worse for others, but its always been this way. They did experiment with some dedi servers, but I dunno if thats still going on. I think they surveyed each person after every game in the dedi lobbies. Did you get a survey?

Glad it 's good for you,I got matched with a host in Hong Kong yesterday,Everyone was 2 barring except him

No surveys for me - just a better experience overall in terms of my connection. I haven't had many "WTF moments" recently.

Since the cheaters, hackers and prestiege boosters took over I guess ?  just wait untill Ghosts comes out you'll see