Preferably a superhero one like DCUO on ps3..I have been loyal to x box & x box 360..always explained how its a superior bit of hardware etc..spent thousands on games & replacement consoles etc..but since this year,since playing dc universe online (which has been down for a month now) I cannot find any enjoyment from any x box games..this is sad that its come to this..it would not even have to be an mmo..just SOMETHING..please,before this system dies & sony are left with the monopoly on gaming..

get lionhead to stop making those fable games & make a superhero rpg or something.whats happened with age of conan? bet its gone the way of champions online.The only thing that excites me a bit is warhammer space marine..& to be honest-it looks a bit linear


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[quote user="Psykosocial"]Have you ever played an MMO on PC?

Both of those were horrible compared to pretty much any MMO on PC.


Final Fantasy XI is still the best MMO I have ever played. I've tried nearly all of them too(at least all the ones that usually get attention)

If they decide to release Diablo 3 for the 360 and Blizzard sticks to the same rules it has with the PC version (online required), that could fall into the category.  MMO is a bit tough, it requires constant upkeep and would probably end up costing money and not making it.  It is possible yes, but for consoles, there are just too many additional expenses and rules to follow.  The game would have to be top notch to gain sales etc.  We get another type of format kinda, take GoW 3 and Dead Island.  With the drop in and out feature, that is where it shines for consoles.  Plus there are limitations as far as how many people can be in the game, like Battlefield 3 the PC version gets 64 vs the Console version of 24.   Honestly IMO the only viable solution to what you are asking is not an MMO but a MMORPG.  If they can work it out with Microsoft, if the game is top knotch, then it is an uptapped resource since there is no competition to speak of.  Just the typical money game (we already pay for xbox live why do we need to pay for this too).  But again, you can't just make anything and expect it to work, it has to be addictive and something we all find worth paying for month after month.  The only company or game or situation I could see that would work is if Blizzard went for it, the rest....well...the rest have all gone away basically.  Its a good idea to be sure, but it takes alot more red tape than the PC and most companies aren't willing to put the resources into it...to make it what it would need to be to succeed.  Just my 2 cents.

I'd love DC Universe Online on the 360, but I very much doubt that will happen, the whole being made by sony thing :P

People complain now that the have to pay 6 buck a month for live I really cant see a lot of xbox players willing to pony up another 10 to 15 dollars just to play one game.

[quote user="dahabs1"]

[quote user="Bon3zz1001"]

Hmm.. Probably never. See the problem with XBL is it's a closed network.

[/quote]um wrong final fantasy 11 is a mmo that plays on the 360 so um....




you dont wanna play dconline i know it says its a mmo but its mmo lite.many of the things that make a mmo arnt in dconline,such as having a problem call a gm,they expect you to just turn off your system if your glitched in some way.there arnt any gms actually someone steals something no help,someone griefing you no help.as well the endgame is quite trash as is the clan system.


i wasnt able to communicate with my clan for 2 months,not that i was playing all that time i got bored at 2 lvl 30 ending up doing the same thing...not alot.



if you really really wanna play a mmo dconline isnt it,try final fantasy 11 if you really wanna play,its an old established mmo where if somethings broke they fix it fast.or ive heard good things about a few new mmo's on the pc.personally im waiting on ff14 to come out on the ps3.


I thought ffxiv came out on the ps3 already? I heard that they shut it down shortly after its release to fix it and they will re release it this year hopefully.

Is anyone really surprised with the lack of MMOs? Console manufacturers finally implement wide-scale online abilities into their machines. Then, rather than utilize it to advance actual gaming with user created content, MMOs and things like that, we get "uses" like Facebook, Hulu, Twitter & DLC that should have been included in the original game. I'm sorry, but if you ask me, what we've got from online console gaming is nothing but a sloppily dropped ball.

Shame, the reason we won't see the top MMOs for Xbox is for the simple fact that the franchise can't operate on a full-scale player database, some examples, it couldn't support all the save data for character development and statistics as well as supporting the game enviroments and the events that occur in MMOs. The Xbox system couldn't handle the amount of data-shares to function real-time simulations for the span of a year so to speak. So until that can be solved and worked around we're stuck with PC Plat-formers for the most part with few exceptions. (KEEP IN MIND: This is just the general aspect, it may or may not include ALL games in the genre). So happy gaming!

Will never happen.

[quote user="UnyoBro"]

I think it's funny that people even want MMOs on the 360. Maybe a few years ago when they were big but now when they're all suffering from low popularity to the point where most either fold or go free to play? I just don't get it. MMO companies can barely keep people paying as it is, do you think that will change with people who already pay for Gold membership?


I think gamers are starting to want anything different at this point. Just because MMOs were hot a few years ago doesn't mean they never will be again. Games run in cycles... Fighters are the big thing for a while, then RPGs, racers, sports, etc, etc. It's just a matter of when a series of new titles change the cycle. The problem is that games have gotten so big & expensive that few developers are willing to risk something that doesn't fit the current trend, so we get the stagnant environment we've been in for the last few years. Save for a small handful of genres, there's almost no variety in gaming today. Some fresh (quality) choices of MMOs, platformers, fighters, etc, would be a breath a desperately needed fresh air right now. 


As far as the people paying for the privilege of paying for an MMO... Xbox is the only platform where players have to pay for the basic ability to play online.

[quote user="Timmy Temps"]bet its gone the way of champions online[/quote]

What way do you mean, free to play? If you have a decent PC it's a great free game to mess around with. It's even optimized to work with a 360 controller. Just plug in and play.


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