When camping isn't camping

Played a couple hours on Sunday. Got into a very good clan group - none of them were stellar but they were all positive (average of 14-6 usually) KD so we were winning 6 games in a row.


Another group joined us (for whatever reason it kept me together with their clan) and 2 of the players were really good - rushers mind you  - and the others were average with the exception of the bottom player who went 6-18. What I found interesting the opposing team was constantly moving with the exception of the 6-18 player. They solidly defeated us as most of the clan I was grouped with were like 10-15.


After the match? They started yelling at the other team ( only 2 had mikes) and accusing them of camping to win. Rather than just accept they were beaten fairly the only conclusion they came to was the other team camped or were cheating in some fashion. I do not think people realize that when you amass 16 deaths it really adds to the other teams score big time!




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They need to find some excuse as the why they lost, it can't be the simply fact that they got beat by better players.  It could never be that.

Question: When you see three red dots on your HUD coming to an intersection that you are approaching, do you...

A) Run around the corner and meet them head on in a spray of lead and die gloriously while killing maybe one of them?  

B) Stop behind some cover, sight in, wait for them to come around the corner, and almost (never can be 100% sure of anything) definitely kill one, maybe two, sometimes all three?  You lousy camper.  ;oD

^ I'm sure when you crouched in a corner to reload some guy somewhere screamed " $@&!?$@ CAMPER!!!"

I ran around the map with an MTAR therefore I am a camper.

Camping = sitting in a corner staring at a doorway.  It's a legit play strategy for people with poor reflexes or people who are too scared to die in an unlimited respawn FPS.  That said, campers are easily dealt with by tac 'nades, C4, grenades, climbing through windows etc.  Pick your poison and deliver it.


Thick cut peppered bacon is the best.  Period.  Hands down.  Nuff said.

I googled it.lol.

A slang word used to describe the STD gonorrhea. Usually applied to those who are from Alabama.

"Don't go near that girl she is roll tide."

^^what does that actually mean?I've heard you yanks say it but still don't know.Maybe i should just google it :-)

Roll Tide!

Agreed! Except it never made it to half time :)

this thread had potential just like Notre Dame.

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