When are you allowed to play online ???

I've received my Prestige edition in the mail, I'm just wondering if there will be any repercussions with getting online now as opposed to tomorrow.


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People are playing noa.

servers were turned on friday. Go for it.

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I saw a video of someone that's already prestiged (God help him...), so go for it.

That's nothing. There was a guy who was 10th prestige the weekend MW3 came out.

I call hax!

Some people sure are idiots... Its not that hard to prestige without being called a "hack". If your good at the game and switch up equipment you can level up fast. Not to mention the fact that you can play split screen on the same account and level up twice as fast. Try and use some common sense. Not everything is a hack or cheat. Face it, if it takes you more 24 hours to rank up once in a cod title you pretty much suck. However if its an IW title I wouldn't count it out since they are known for problems.