When are they gonna come out with another NFL Head Coach, or NCAA Head Coach

Don't get me wrong, i love playing the game. But if they had another Head Coach i would buy both. Sometimes i feel like playing the game, sometimes i feel like doing just the Coaching part. I know they have it where you can coach from the sidelines, but its not the same. Hiring position coaches actually mattered, and people like my friend who has MS and loves football but has control issues with his hands could play. I don't understand why it would be so hard to take the system currently set up for Madden, and put the old head coach stuff in it. I remember a couple of years after the last head coach came out, i would have still be playing if they offered roster updates, and new drafts since my friend and i had already been through them all so much. It was a lot of fun being in charge of the franchise, with much more control and options than Madden. There where so many cool options in Head Coach that you felt like the Coach/GM. I just wish they would bring it back, it wouldn't be as hard as they might think to do it.


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Head Coach probably didnt sell all that well