When an original gamertag is reset

Ive been through a few gamertags that ive kind of liked but not so much that i would never change it again. I found 2 OG gamertags that havent been used since the original xbox days. One gamertag for me and one for a friend. Each gamertag has 3 to 5 friends still on the friends list. They have the OG xbox gamerpic with no gamerscore and no rep. Will these gamertags eventually be reset? Besides attempting to change my gamertag to it, is there a specific way you can tell if it has been reset? P.S. ive sent both accounts a friend request.


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I don't think they would reset it, you never know if the original owner may return...

See but the thing is I heard that they started reseting OG gamertags that have been inactive back in the begining of august. just something ive heard from a few different people.

They stopped resetting the gamertags because they found out that people were just snatching them up and selling them to other people who truly wanted them. Since there is virtually nothing you can do to stop this, they just stopped resetting the original ones.

That really sucks.. oh well I guess.