Wheels of Hazard pin

I'm having a heck of a time trying to get this pin. I have had the game since release and have yet to be able to get this pin even once. I know... it's pathetic.

For the life of me I just can't seem to ever run three people down in a round. It seems to me that I either can't find anyone to hit or when I do think I've run them over I somehow missed or it just didn't kill them. Does anyone have any tips here?

Also, I am assuming you have to be the driver of the vehicle for this and not a passenger/gunner.

Thanks and peace out...



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hit them with the wheels, if you hit them head on they survive for some reason. Oasis CQ is the best map for road killing, just keep driving around.

I only have this pin a few times myself. The other night I realized it was the only pin I only had 1 time, so I decided to get it some more times. Go on Harvest day and get in the CAV, drive around running people over between the flags. I also drove around on the two big hills next to flag B and D, usually found a few snipers up there to squish.

I got it both rounds, so I think this is your best bet.

Or if you are a Rush guy I have gotten quite a few roadkills on this same map on the second set of crates, attacking. There is a big empty field between where the defenders spawn and the crates, drive through there with a CAV you can almost always get a few.

LOL this is the same one I need...

But I am happy that I got a kill from using the Truck on Cold War.

One of my last - got it on Atacama Rush Attackers.......humvee at the start or on 3rd set of crates a quad bike i think......

Switching to to third person while driving may help you line up the wheels with the intended target\victim.

Arica Harbor plus Humvee equals many Road Kills. Provided the opposing Team was stupid enough not to throw out a bunch of AT Mines. Drive around like a maniac and profit.

I got it no problem on Phu Bai Valley in Vietnam. Relatively small map in comparison, and plenty of trees to keep tanks from obliterating you instantaneously.

I got this on Arica Harbour Rush attacking first set of crates. Pretty easy when your driving in from behind running of guys running between buildings.

I agree with Lost Kauz and A Foam Football. My advice: on Arica Harbor Rush offense, get a Humvee and drive counterclockwise around the first set of M-COMS. Make sure it is counterclockwise, or you will probably find a stationary AT missile coming towards you. Approach from the right of the main road, and be vigilant about tanks. You can do this multiple times per match, and if you do it enough, eventually you will run over enough opponenets.

Thanks to everyone for the advice. Was playing and Harvest Day came up in the rotation jumped in a tank and switched to third person view. Got two roadkills easy as that. Then I decided to drive over some mines. Spawned at base, grabbed a truck and ran over three more!

I think the real key here is to switch to third person view. Makes a HUGE difference.

Thanks again to everyone for the advice.

Peace out...

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